Introduction to Mountain Navigation Skills

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Our Introduction to Mountain Navigation is map reading and compass work made easy! Become calm and confident with a map and compass in the Scottish hills with our Navigation Skills training. Learn from our instructor who has trained hundreds of people to become capable of navigating in the Scottish mountains no matter what the weather. We use our tried and tested system of teaching navigation that is different from the traditional ways of navigation that are slow and dull.

This is for up to three people.


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In Introduction to Mountian Navigation Skills, you will learn the simple navigation tricks the professionals use and understand when and why to use digital devices. From beginners to those preparing for Mountain Leader assessment we will fast track to the knowledge hard-won in whiteouts and mountain marathons and why more people get lost in forestry commission land than on mountain ridges. The skills you will learn are designed for map reading in the Scottish mountains, but they work all over the world.

From ‘shopping lists’ to ‘dirty bearings’ learn the simple techniques that make navigation simple and effective. You’ll also find out why many of the things taught in books and courses don’t actually work on mountains!

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