Family Adventures on Ben Nevis

rock climb, abseil and scrambles for all the family

Family Adventures on Ben Nevis

wild camping in the Scottish Highlands

Only a short drive from Fort William is a glen full of secrets.

Scramble up rock ridges to a mini summit, slide across white water gorges and find hidden caves with a dark history. Wild Mountain Guides’ family adventures are for kids of all ages, especially big kids! 

Which adventure is for you?

Choose a day’s adventure or maybe add an overnight wild camp. Discover the wild side of your family!

See what one of our adventures looks like!

On a blustery day, the Wilcox family tackle a roadside scramble followed by an abseil. Despite being surrounded by huge mountains and complex vertical cliffs Glen Nevis offers many accessible family-scale adventures that can be blended together to make a day of challenges and smiles.

Local guide, local parent

Our main guide and owner, Simon has two young children and Glen Nevis is one of their adventure playgrounds. All of these family adventures have been done with his children. Balancing fun and safety is an important part of your day out and knowing that Wild Mountain Guides is run by a local guide and parent can help you find that balance.  

The photo on the right shows Simon’s family walking back down to the road in Glen Nevis after a days fun. To give you an idea of the ages this was taken when the eldest was 9 and the youngest was 4 . 

How many adventures near fort william

Nobody knows your kids better than you and most of glen based family adventures can be fitted around them. But they need to be able to be active for the full day at that time of year. They need to have a minimum head size of 48cm to fit our safety helmets.  

 We use Petzl Picchu helmets and DMM Tom Kitten harness for the children. These are checked and maintained according to the manufactures guidelines. Older children and teenagers will often fit into smaller adult equipment. All safety equipment is part of the price, no sudden extra hire charges and the ‘check out’. 

It is your families adventure! So the whole day is built around your level of fun and the weather. We like to chat with you before we meet to make sure we have the right itinerary for you. With only you and your family in the group we can change the day to suit you. 

Safety is our main concern. With in reason we can arrange the day around the forecast. However, at time we may need to cancel due to the weather. If we do we will offer you a refund. 

Let us know what big adventure you want to do and a bit about your family and we can help you select the best day for you. We find it really helpful to chat and make sure you get the best from Wild Mountain Guides. 

For glen level activities such as Scimitar scramble and introduction to rock climbing up to 6, for mountain scrambles at about grade I to II 4 is ideal. For complex technical scrambles 2 is the best size.  If you are not sure why not give us a call and we can chat. One solution is that we use a second guide for a larger group. 

We love working with families and it makes the day so much better if we have a parent, grandparent or family member over 18 to help us. Besides, who wants the kids to have all the fun!

No, all safety equipment is part of the price. No extra charges for hiring kit. 

The Highland Midge has a fearsome reputation and on humid overcast days with no wind next to still water and bogs they can be very distracting. Bright sunlight and a breeze above 7mph sends the scurrying away, high up in the mountains you have much less problems with midges.

To help you keep ‘the midge’ at bay we give all clients who book during midge season a free bottle of Smidge.Some people use DEET based formulas like Jungle Formula, we would ask people not to use DEET based products while wearing harness’s, helmets, ropes or near our tents as the DEET turns them yellow and means hundreds if not thousands of pounds worth of equipment would be unsafe to use. That is why we give you free Smidge!

Want to know when ‘the midge’ is rampaging? Check out the Midge Forecast here:

Working, living and playing in the Highlands we find some smidge, a flexible plan as to when and where you stop means that on high midge days we can still get out and have fun.

Local guide for Ben Nevis

Similar adventures

Want more adventure?

Why not book a ‘rest day’ abseiling, climbing, scrambling and the amazing Tyrolean Traverse across the gorge in Glen Nevis.

All these activities are only a short distance from the road, so great for a low level day that is high in adventure.

How much does it cost to hire a guide for Ben Nevis

You can pay a 25% deposit at the checkout and pay the balance 14 days before your adventure. 

Ben Nevis local guides

Expert Local

Qualified, with in-depth experience of the Scottish mountains. Our main guide has spent decades working in the mountains. 

Ben Nevis small group guided walk

Just You and Your Friends

We work with small groups. All our bookings are just for you so the adventure is focused on your needs, not diluted by a big group.

video of Ben Nevis

4k Professional

Add 4k video with royalty paid music of your choice, so you can have more than memories. 

Ben nevis guides


Just turn up with your boots, clothing and food. We provide any equipment needed. We’ll even send you the photos!

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