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Whatever you choose, a Ben Nevis guided walk, scramble or rock climb, our qualified guide has an in-depth experience of the Scottish Highlands and has spent decades working in the mountains. Because it is only you in the group the adventure is all about you and your aims.

What Adventure will choose on 'the Ben'?

Classic walk to the summit? Scramble up one of Ben Nevis’ ridges on the North Face? Or climb some of the longest rock routes in the UK? Whatever you choose it will be just you and the people you choose to come with you. Guided walks up Ben Nevis often start from Glen Nevis, while many scrambles and climbs on Ben Nevis start at the North Face car park. 

Local guide for Ben Nevis

May to October will only have a few snow patches, so many people see this as the main season on ‘the Ben’. High winds and storms can come throughout the year and you can get brilliant clear days any time of the year. 

Most walks, climbs and scrambles on Ben Nevis start only slightly higher than sea level. By the time you have reached the summit you done over 1.3km of vertical height gain. Fortunately, the classic summit path has a steady height gain and is not too steep, despite some rocky steps. 

Many other UK mountains like Cairngorm and Snowdon you start much higher up. This means any day on ‘the Ben’ is a big day.

So if you have never scrambled or climbed before and want to take one of the harder routes to the summit, why not book a training day to make sure you are ready for the big day on ‘the Ben’. If you book the training / preparation day at the same time we will even give you a discount on the overall price! 

You can choose! 

Often just called ‘the Ben’, it has two different faces. Its west face is rounded and smooth from the mile thick ice that once covered it, giving the classic walking route to the summit. The classic Ben Nevis track is rocky with snow patches into the summer but definitely a walk. 

The North Face of Ben Nevis is a vast gothic structure of mountain ridges that create brilliant scrambles and climbs with deep gullies that hold snow for nearly all the year. The North Face is on an alpine scale and has some of the longest technical climbs and scramble in the UK. 

Ben Nevis can have full winter conditions from November to early April. If you are booking a day’s walking, climbing or scrambling on the Ben in this period we will let you know if you are likely to need them.

If you do need a walking axe and crampons we can provide them, but you will need stiffer ‘B2’ boots rather than normal walking boots. We have 4 places to hire them in Fort William and it is definitely best to try them on before the big day.

April can still have a lot snow on the upper part of Ben Nevis. If you need a walking axe and crampons, we’ll let you know if your normal boots will be suitable

From May through to October you get patches of odd snow but your normal boots will be OK. 

November to December is ‘maybe’ winter on ‘the Ben’. We’ll let you know if it looks like you need B2 boots but pack your normal walking boots.

January you will probably need B2 boots.

February and March you are very likely to need B2 boots.

Similar adventures to guided walk up Ben Nevis

Having a big day on 'the Ben' but still want more?

Why not book a ‘rest day’ abseiling, climbing, scrambling and the amazing Tyrolean Traverse across the gorge in Glen Nevis.

All these activities are only a short distance from the road, so great for a low level day that is high in adventure.

How much does it cost to hire a guide for Ben Nevis

You can pay a 25% deposit at the checkout and pay the balance 14 days before your adventure.

Ben Nevis local guides

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Qualified, with in-depth experience of the Scottish mountains. Our main guide has spent decades working in the mountains.

Ben Nevis small group guided walk

Just You and Your Friends

We work with small groups. All our bookings are just for you so the adventure is focused on your needs, not diluted by a big group.

video of Ben Nevis

4k Professional

Add 4k video with royalty paid music of your choice, so you can have more than memories. 

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Just turn up with your boots, clothing and food. We provide any equipment needed. We’ll even send you the photos!

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